Of battles and smiles

It comes as a shock to me.  The kind of shock where time suddenly seems to stand still for two seconds. And you feel you are just seeing a scary dream. And that you would wake up and breathe a sigh of relief. Except that you don't.  Because it is not a dream. Scrolling all … Continue reading Of battles and smiles



But the next morning when I head out, he starts afresh. No ill feelings. No love lost. Hope unsullied. Barking with the same belief for something he knows might never happen.

The encounter

And then, far towards the edge of the farm, I see them.  Coconut thieves! My heart starts to race. I can feel it thud in my ears as I creep closer. A sprint to the next tree trunk. Still unnoticed! Phew! I feel like a crouching tiger getting closer to his prey...